Alte Kanzlei

Steeped in tradition, the Alte Kanzlei resides in a beautiful late 19th century Westend villa which, in the past – hence the name “old chancellery” – functioned as a very representative lawyer’s office. The décor and ambience, with dark wood-panelled walls, ornate stucco ceilings and tastefully decorated tables, remains elegant-classic.

“Chancellor” these days is the kitchen chef who looks back on an over 30 year gastronomy career in Germany. At the Alte Kanzlei great importance is placed on quality, freshness and distinctive flavours so that most ingredients are delivered from Italy twice a week.

The team consists of 7 members, 4 in the kitchen and 3 in service. Not in included is the “lady of the house” who is a star on all fronts of the restaurant.